About Michael Rainwood - Roots of The Unknown Author
Michael Rainwood born in Brooklyn, NY.  Michael was into stick ball, baseball, and all sports.   His most unusual hobby that he carried with him from the Brooklyn rooftops to the suburbs of Long Island is raising and flying pigeons.   This is still a big part of Rainwood’s life.   He houses and fly’s over 100 birds in his Copiague home.  Michael followed his fathers footsteps when it comes to birds and the love of all animals.  He was devastated when his father died of cancer in 2005.  Their hobby made them more than just father and son, they were very close.   He wrote about his father in a journal to all pigeons flyers and that article can be read by clicking here.   But he felt a need to sing about him, Safe in the Arms of Jesus was written based on the life of Rainwood’s Mom & Dad.  How they met, how they loved, the struggles of finances and difficulties of that error.  “Singing about it, helped me heal and realize he is Safe in the Arms of Jesus and out of pain”, said Rainwood.   

Michael’s favorite pastors are Charles Stanley and Joel Olsteen.   “These men preach like Jesus is hear today and can still impact our lives, I believe that too”, says Rainwood.    “I also believe he inspired me to write the Unknown Author, it’s just not humanly possible to write 10 songs in 90 days and record them.  That’s because it’s not possible without the hand of God”. 

 "I first began recording in 1998-1999 in Modern Voices Recording Studio in Ronkonkoma, NY.   I met Chris Patti, the Owner and Producer of Modern Voices.  Chris is great musician, engineer, producer, but most of all friend.  The love I have for him cannot be put into words."

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